Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions is a boutique aircraft acquisition consulting company that helps companies and individuals interested in buying a jet or private aircraft solution for their travel needs.

We specialize in assisting our clients in analyzing the best aircraft/travel option for their specific needs, and then assist them through the buying process to ensure they receive optimal value for their investment.

What makes Hawkeye unique in the industry is that we have 36+ years in business aviation experience, 28 with a major new aircraft manufacturer on the aircraft sell-side, and know first-hand the costly mistakes many customers make.  In turning the table from selling to buying an aircraft, we are able to leverage our aircraft sales experience to provide a unique and valuable service to our clients when acquiring an aircraft.

Mike McCracken

Mike McCracken is a seasoned aviation professional with over 36+ years in the aircraft industry.  Since 1985, Mike has sold or bought over 150 aircraft. Mike’s aviation career began in 1976 and includes a wide array of industry experiences including regional director of sales for two major aircraft manufacturers, flight instructor, aircraft demonstration pilot, freight, charter and corporate pilot.

During his years in aircraft sales, Mike was recognized numerous times for his consistent success including Beechcraft Chairman’s Award, Beechcraft Olive Ann Beech Award for King Airs, and Hawker Legion of Honor for Highest Total Units.

As Founder/President of Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions, Mike shares his vast industry knowledge with clients as an aviation acquisition consultant. He has served individuals, private corporations and Fortune 500 clients with acquisitions including Cessna XLS, Hawker 850XP, Hawker 900XP, Falcon 2000LX, Falcon 900LX, Legacy 650, Gulfstream G-280, Gulfstream G-450 and Global 6000

Mike is an accredited American Society of Appraisers Senior Aircraft Appraiser and is Appraisal Qualifications Board certified to do USPAP compliant appraisals.  He is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business “Bargaining for Advantage” course. Mike is a native of Iowa, and a graduate of the University of Iowa. He and his wife have called Tampa, Florida home since 1985, and are active members of their church. Mike’s hobbies include flying, golf, travel, food and wine, and spending time with his family.

Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions Overview

We challenge convention by viewing the world differently. Hawkeye was created because we add value and make the process of selecting an aircraft or travel solution easier and more productive.

  • They want to reduce uncertainty.
  • Need help to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Do not have enough time and resources to do the acquisition on their own.
  • Want a better deal and higher value than they can achieve on their own.
  • Want an unbiased adviser to avoid potential conflicts and need to be associated with ethical professionals and companies.
  • Realize that purchasing an aircraft once every few years places them at a disadvantage to industry professionals and makes them vulnerable to costly issues.
  • We do fleet planning and selection consulting. We do extensive market research, find the best aircraft, negotiate the terms and price and oversee the total acquisition process
  • We are a firm that specializes in one on one support that sees the world differently through our lens of experience. When you hire Hawkeye, you get our personal services.
  • Having over three decades in the business with over 28 years on the sell side working for major aircraft manufacturers we know what clients leave on the table.
  • We source and rely on the same data as other leading firms. Our difference is we personally do the research and develop the data. What sets us apart is our analysis based on our years of experience, behavioral economic observations and negotiation skills.
  • We personally manage the entire buy cycle from start to finish allowing you to do the job of running the company or department. You are part of the high level process leaving the minutia to us. We immerse ourselves in your company culture to better understand the best solutions for you that are the best fit for your organization