Our proprietary evaluation packet quantifies the important components of finding the right aircraft for the mission.  We use passenger interviews, flight department requirements and mission requirements to determine the best aircraft for your operation.  Once the right aircraft for the mission is completed, we do a thorough analysis of the market. We do life cycle cost analysis, cash flow analysis, residual value projections using standard baseline and exponential decay models, and compare new versus used.  We use our proprietary pricing model to calculate prices using standard deviation and confidence level bands to determine the right price for the plane you are buying ensuring our clients are getting the best value.  Finally, we analyze the alternatives using our years of aviation experience.  The end result is a thorough understanding of what makes the best economic solution for your purchase and operation.

For a used aircraft, after we have performed our in-depth market analysis of actual market values, we narrow the field of candidate aircraft and then do a visual inspection of the aircraft and records.  Once a target aircraft is identified, we then guide you through the negotiation and purchase process avoiding pitfalls that can cost you money.  We schedule and monitor the pre-purchase evaluation and discrepancy list until final acceptance and delivery of the aircraft.

With new aircraft purchases we utilize our years of experience on the sales side of the industry along with our aircraft specific negotiating skills to negotiate the best possible purchase outcome for your company.  Knowing the real world market conditions is equally as important in a new transaction as a used purchase in attaining the best outcome.  We assist through negotiations, specifications and final delivery.


With over 36+ years of sales experience we are highly qualified to market, negotiate the sale and represent your interests throughout the sale of your current aircraft.  We don’t just list your aircraft, we sell your aircraft and its unique attributes.  We learn the market and develop a strategy to maximize the value your aircraft has relative to the competitors.  We help you prepare the aircraft and records to ensure top value.  We oversee the contract, pre-purchase and final delivery phase to get the transaction done efficiently maximizing your return.

Asset Valuation

As an accredited Senior Aircraft Appraiser of the American Society of Appraisers we provide both formal USPAP certified aircraft appraisals and asset valuations.  In addition to a one time valuation, we offer special annual subscription valuation packages.  Keeping up with your asset value at all times is good business.

Fleet Planning/Feasibility Studies/Consulting

Using our proprietary evaluation tools we do fleet planning and feasibility studies. For current owners, our analysis will help determine the right type or mix of aircraft. For first time buyers, we look at the feasibility of owning versus charter, time cards or fractional ownership. We offer annual retainer fleet planning services for analyzing the right time to upgrade aircraft and making improvements to the current aircraft.