Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions is a boutique aircraft acquisition, marketing and consulting company.  We challenge convention by viewing the world differently.  We feel there should be an easier and more productive method to evaluate complex aviation solutions.

We are small by design.  Each company, each project is unique.  Our advantage is how we approach each project.  Successful business people understand it is the interpretation of data that makes the difference in the final outcome.  Two sets of data can be highly accurate, however one can be the wrong choice, and the other the right choice for your situation.  By immersing ourselves into your company and culture we find answers that are a best fit for you.  We provide a highly personalized approach to buy or sell your aircraft.

We have worked on the inside of the industry for major manufacturers for most of the last 30+ years.  We use proprietary tools that we have developed to provide unbiased information. The higher the quality of information and proper context, the better you will be evaluating various options.   Others may boast of the quantity of transactions, we boast of providing our customers a high quality customized solution.

Mike McCracken is a native of Iowa and a graduate of the University of Iowa.  Mike is a loyal Iowa Hawkeye fan and combined the name of his Iowa Hawkeyes with his other love of aviation to form Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions.



Mike started Hawkeye because for years he saw companies and individuals struggle evaluating complex aviation options.  Often decisions were made on poor information and the results cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more than they should have.  He will help you navigate aviation complexities with the highest morals and ethics as a true professional and get you the best value.

Mike started his aviation career while he was a sophomore in college.  He has been in aviation since 1976 and has flight instructed, flown night freight, flown charter, corporate, was a demonstration pilot and has sold new and pre owned turbine aircraft for over 35 years.

He is a 6500+ hour ATP pilot with three type ratings and flies and owns a Cirrus.  Mike sold aircraft for a major manufacturer for 28 years.  His experience brings a practical versus theoretical approach to buying/selling aircraft and the capabilities of the aircraft for your missions.

Mike has developed several tools for helping people analyze aircraft options.  He has a proprietary aircraft evaluation tool, developed two models for residual value probabilities,  a maintenance and reliability tracking tool and a cost benefit tool for illustrating time and money savings over the airlines.  Mike is an accredited Senior Aircraft Appraiser of the American Society of Appraisers and can provide USPAPS compliant appraisals.  Mike completed the Wharton Executive Negotiation workshop and various other negotiation training classes over his career.

Whatever your aviation consulting needs are Mike can help you sort out the maze of options and help you make the most informed decision.  Safe Flying!



  • Integrity: Your word is your bond. PERIOD.
  • Knowledgeable: Knows the product and the market.
  • Adds Value: Above and beyond the normal expectations.
  • Customer focused: Listens to the customer, views the customer as a partner.
  • Professional: Someone you want to be associated with.




“Having dealt with Mike on numerous transactions over the past 15 years, I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, and responsive to our needs.  These qualities are surpassed only by his level of integrity!”

Mark–Director of Aviation
Fortune 500 Flight Department–Georgia


“Rarely have we worked with anyone in aviation as all-around knowledgeable as Mike McCracken.  He has a truly unique industry insight combined with a knowledge base that cannot be duplicated.  Mike has helped us with every aspect of aircraft acquisition and we have been 110% satisfied.  I cannot think of a more highly qualified person to assist with an aircraft evaluation, acquisition, or aircraft acceptance and appraisals.”

Eric Norber–President
ELJ Aviation (IS-BAO Registered Aircraft Management Company)–Florida


“I have known Mike for a number of years.  He is knowledgeable, responsive, and trustworthy.  Mike would be a good choice to help sort out aviation options and assist with the purchase.” 

Dr. Steven Scott–Owner
Scott Charters–Florida