Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions is a boutique aircraft acquisition consultant that serves individuals and businesses interested in buying a jet or private aircraft solution for their personal and corporate travel needs.

We specialize in assisting our clients analyzing the best aircraft/travel option for their specific needs, and then assist them through the buying process to ensure they receive optimal value for their investment.

What makes Hawkeye unique in the industry is that we have over 36 years’ business aviation experience, 28 with a major new aircraft manufacturer on the aircraft sell-side, and know first-hand the costly mistakes many customers make.  In turning the tables from selling to buying an aircraft, we are able to leverage our aircraft sales experience to provide a unique and valuable service to our clients when acquiring an aircraft.

We are small by design.  Each company, each project is unique.  Our advantage is how we approach each project.  Successful business people understand it is the interpretation of data that makes the difference in the final outcome.  Two sets of data can be highly accurate, however one can be the wrong choice, and the other the right choice for your situation.  By immersing ourselves into your company and culture we find answers that are a best fit for you.  We provide a highly personalized approach to buy or sell your aircraft.  Others may boast of the quantity of transactions, we boast of providing our customers a high quality customized solution.

Mike McCracken is a native of Iowa and a graduate of the University of Iowa.  Mike is a loyal Iowa Hawkeye fan and combined the name of his Iowa Hawkeyes with his other love of aviation to form Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions.



Mike McCracken is a native of Iowa and a graduate of the University of Iowa.  Mike started his aviation career while he was a sophomore in college.  He has been actively involved in aviation since 1976 and has flight instructed, flown night freight, charter, and corporate.  He was a sales and marketing demonstration pilot and for 28 years a regional director of sales for two major aircraft manufacturers.  He is now President of Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions, his own aviation acquisition and consulting company.

Mike is an accredited American Society of Appraisers Senior Aircraft Appraiser and is Appraisal Qualifications Board certified to do USPAP compliant appraisals.  He has performed numerous physical aircraft inspections for appraisal purposes, performed appraisals, plus has evaluated trade-in aircraft throughout his career.  As part of his OEM training he completed the Wharton School of Business based “Bargaining for Advantage” course plus other negotiating courses thorough out his career.

As and aircraft acquisition specialist, one of his primary jobs is determining real market values for potential aircraft for purchase by clients and has developed a process and model for future aircraft residual value analysis.

Career Highlights

Since 1985 Mike has sold or bought over 150 aircraft.  The following are a summary of awards while at Beechcraft and Hawker Beechcraft.  Beechcraft Rookie of the Year, Beechcraft Domestic Most New Aircraft Sold and Delivered, Beechcraft Olive Ann Beech Award for King Airs, Regional President’s Award for Jet Sales, Domestic Business Jet Sales Legion of Honor for Beechjets, Hawker Legion of Honor for Highest Total Units, Beechjet Chairman’s Award, Most Used Jets Award, Top Beechjets Sales by Units, Hawker Salesman of the Year, Hawker 800XP Salesman of the Year, Hawker 400XP Salesman of the Year.

Over the past 34 years Mike has been privileged to work with a variety of companies and individuals to purchase aircraft.  Due to client confidentiality we are not a liberty to list the various companies, however, they range from high net worth individuals, large private companies and Fortune 500 companies.  Our most recent projects have been Cessna XLS, Hawker 850XP, Hawker 900XP, Falcon 2000LX, Falcon 900LX, Legacy 650, Global 6000, Gulfstream 450 and Gulfstream G-280.

Our Business Philosophy

Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions is a boutique aviation consulting company.  We challenge convention by viewing the world differently.  HAA was created because we felt there should be an easier and more productive method to evaluate complex aviation solutions.  Through our unique application of resources, data, and industry expertise we identify the best solution for you.

We are small by design.  Think of us as not being your firm, but your own personal on staff expert in the aircraft transaction process.  Others in the industry boast of the number of transactions, we boast of the quality and personal experience of our results.    When I started Hawkeye, I wanted to make sure that the experience was highly personal and that you were working with the person in charge that intimately knows your company and needs.

When we were on the sale side of the aircraft purchase process we observed various mistakes in the process.  Since buying an aircraft only comes around every few years, many companies are ill prepared for a complex transaction of an aircraft purchase.  Procurement departments are not experienced in the nuances of the aviation market.  A flight department’s job is providing safe transportation.  They are not well equipped, nor have the proper amount of time to negotiate high capital deals.

In many industries the competitors have the same information as each other.  However, one is the more successful company because of how they see the data and implement their plan.  Most all of our competitors have similar data to ours, however what sets us apart is how we see and apply the market data.  Our expertise is the difference we make.  We go beyond data points and the final result is a better solution.

We immerse ourselves in your company culture to help match the data and outcomes to the company personality to ensure the best fit.



  • Integrity: Your word is your bond. PERIOD.
  • Knowledgeable: Knows the product and the market.
  • Adds Value: Above and beyond the normal expectations.
  • Customer focused: Listens to the customer, views the customer as a partner.
  • Professional: Someone you want to be associated with.




“Having dealt with Mike on numerous transactions over the past 15 years, I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, and responsive to our needs.  These qualities are surpassed only by his level of integrity!”

Mark–Director of Aviation
Fortune 500 Flight Department–Georgia


“Rarely have we worked with anyone in aviation as all-around knowledgeable as Mike McCracken.  He has a truly unique industry insight combined with a knowledge base that cannot be duplicated.  Mike has helped us with every aspect of aircraft acquisition and we have been 110% satisfied.  I cannot think of a more highly qualified person to assist with an aircraft evaluation, acquisition, or aircraft acceptance and appraisals.”

Eric Norber–President
ELJ Aviation (IS-BAO Registered Aircraft Management Company)–Florida


“I have known Mike for a number of years.  He is knowledgeable, responsive, and trustworthy.  Mike would be a good choice to help sort out aviation options and assist with the purchase.” 

Dr. Steven Scott–Owner
Scott Charters–Florida