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Hawkeye—One who sees clearly


Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions is a boutique acquisition and brokerage company.  We are your in-house expert to help with your acquisition and the sale of your current aircraft.  Imagine if you had one person on staff that had hours of free time with the inside knowledge and sales experience to represent you.  Imagine Hawkeye Aircraft.

What we offer isn’t what you already know or can find out on the internet, what we provide are the items you don’t know.  The customer who thinks “Buying a jet is as simple as just making offers” is a broker or salesman’s home run customer.  There is much more to it and the money at risk is significant.  Buying isn't just making offers, it is making intelligent well informed offers based on a through understanding of the market. This isn't an activity that we do every few years, this is our daily business.  We know the market and how to compare alternatives to save you money and get the best value.

The largest and wealthiest individuals hire experts to help them make large capital purchases.  They do not spend money frivolously and will negotiate every last penny they can-- that is the reason they hire a professional expert to purchase their plane. 

Our advantage is that we have worked on the inside of the industry for major manufacturers for most of the last 30+ years.  Information is power, and the more you know, the better you will be whether you are buying or selling.  We are small and only take on projects that we can personally oversee.  Others may boast of the quantity of transactions, we boast the personal touch of providing our customers a personalized and quality buying or selling experience.

No matter if you are buying or selling a jet aircraft, doing a fleet plan or completing an asset valuation, you want solid unbiased information to make the best informed decision.  We immerse ourselves into your company culture and represent you in a positive and professional manner.  

"See the Difference"