It takes a brave man to choose freedom

This is a story that unfortunately I can not find the author for proper credit.  I think it has great meaning.
There was a King in a small country who was set to execute a prisoner.  Before the execution, a Prince from a nearby country was traveling through the area and the King invited him to observe the proceedings.
The next day the King faced the prisoner and told him his fate was behind the three doors in front of him and he could choose.  The King then ordered door #1 to be opened and there was a noose and hanging platform, he then ordered door #2 to be opened and there was a firing squad.   Door #3 will remain closed until your choice. 
The King then looked at the prisoner and said “choose one of the three. “ The prisoner chose # 2 and was placed in front of the firing squad and was shot.
The Prince looked at the King when it was over and asked does anyone choose the unknown door #3?  The King said “rarely.”  The Prince then asked, “what is behind door #3?”  The King signaled the guards to open door #3, the door opened to an open field and he said “Freedom, you see it takes a brave man to choose freedom.”
The path to freedom is full of unknowns.  It takes courage to choose and walk that path.

To our men and women in the armed services today, yesterday and tomorrow, thank you for choosing freedom and protecting our freedom.
Mike McCracken

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