Out of Production Hawker 750/800XP/850XP & 900XP Used Prices

Hawker Beechcraft has received court approval to exit bankruptcy as a standalone company producing only prop aircraft as Beechcraft Corp.  How does being out of production affect Hawker jet aircraft? What potential impact will there be on service and second prices?
There are a large number of Hawker series aircraft in service around the globe.  This represents a captive market and provides the various vendors with an incentive to sell, produce, and maintain inventory on those parts.  HBC made very few components on these aircraft, with Airbus manufacturing the fuselage and wings.  Although Airbus might not be inclined to build those parts, there are various out-of-service aircraft that parts could be procured from.
Additionally, there are a large number of service providers around the world that have the technical expertise and capabilities to maintain the Hawker.  Bottom line is that support should not be an issue and there is always the possibility that someone will buy the Hawker production rights and even re-start production.
What about Hawker prices?  The market continues to factor in the worst case scenario and the result is depressed prices.  In my opinion, prices are a result of the suspended production and bankruptcy is already factored in.  The fluctuations moving forward will be the result of what the mid-size market as a class experience.  
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