What is the next plane for Hawker owners?

What and where do Hawker 800XP, 850XP & 900XP owners go when they need to upgrade?
Having worked for Hawker Beechcraft for 28 years of which the last 16 of those years I sold Hawkers I feel like I am uniquely qualified to assist Hawker owners transition to their next plane.
Hawkers were the most popular mid-size jet.  They were not the fastest, there were others that had slightly more range, they had less baggage space than any other aircraft, and had a cabin that was bigger than most but not the longest.  Yet it had solid lead in market share and commanded premium prices.  The reasons for its success are many, however I always felt that while it did not excel in every category, it did everything well and offered the most comfort for the typical mid-size passenger load.  Not flashy but a solid choice.
So, what is the right plane to replace your Hawker?  Well that depends on several variables including how old is your current aircraft, how old a plane you want to fly, your replacement time frame, mission profile to name just a few.
There are the same choices that were there when you purchased your Hawker (new G-150, Sovereign+, used Lear 60XR) and there are new planes (Latitude, Legacy 450) entering the market place.  It will be even more important to understand your mission and future missions to make the best choice for your future operations.
As an aviation acquisition specialist I help companies formulate a fleet/aircraft purchase plan as well as a future exit plan.  Your plane represents a large capital investment and should be treated the same way with a thorough process.  Knowing and understanding why you selected the Hawker is important part of the next plane acquisition.
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