Do you need help buying your Jet?

Do you need help buying your next jet aircraft?  The answer is short and simple—YES.
This is often the single largest capital expenditure of a company.  It is an item that is not purchased on a regular basis, but only every few years or decade.
If you are buying a jet, you need someone who does multiple transactions on a regular basis and is “inside the ropes”.  An aviation manager or chief pilot simply does not have the time to be as good as a full time professional.  Your in-house counsel does not handle all of your legal work, your personal doctor will refer you to a specialist.  Your aircraft purchase team should be the same.  It should consist of your flight department, your legal counsel both inside and aviation specific, aviation tax specialists and an aviation purchase specialist.
My friends in the aircraft selling business will not like this, but you getting the best terms, conditions, and pricing is not their number one responsibility.  Aviation companies spend thousands of dollars on sales and negotiation training to get better prices, otherwise they would all adopt the one price, big box discount store model.
It does not matter whether it is a pre-owned sale, or a new shiny jet from a company you have done business with for years, the only person that is looking out for your interests are the ones paid by you directly.  Hawkeye Aircraft, as your buyer’s consultant, is your in-house expert with the transactional experience to insure the aircraft is selected at the best price, terms and conditions. 
We immerse ourselves into your company culture so we can represent you both professionally and ethically.  We provide you the information that you can’t find on the internet or without being in the day to day business.  The information that saves you money and reduces your risks.
Our Creed
Integrity–Our word is our bond.—PERIOD
Knowledgeable–Know the products and the market
Add Value–Value added above and beyond your normal expectations
Customer Focused–Our customers are our partners.
Professional— Someone you want to be associated with.
Call us or email us to discuss how we can assist you in your selection and purchase of your next jet.

Mike McCracken
Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions LLC
Office 727 796 0903

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