Where does the Embraer Legacy 500 fit in the market place?

Where is the Legacy 500 going to fit in the market place?  Embraer has done a good job of introducing new business jet aircraft in niches of the market.  However, the competition has not been sitting still.  In many cases the old classes have become more splitting of hairs than clear distinctions.
The Legacy 500 has a similar sized cabin as the Challenger 300/350 and a range of 3000NM which when the super mid size class was introduced was about the norm.  Now the super mid-size C-350 will have a 3,250NM range, the speed demon Citation X comes in at 3,295NM, the Falcon 2000S a 3,540NM range and the G-280 a 3,600NM range.   More range seems to be the trend in the traditional super mid-size class with varying cabin sizes.
The mid-size group has also added mileage from the old 2500NM standard to 2800 to 3000NM.  The new Sovereign+ and the smaller G-150  are examples that fit into this space and the Lear 85 when it arrives will also fit in the middle of this segment.  The old 2500NM standard is being filled in by the new Latitude and the Legacy 450.
The secret for all of the competitors will be the ability to offer planes that have operating efficiencies near the same as previous true mid–size aircraft and with comfort that the longer missions will require.  Technology, previously found in the large cabin planes, will continue to move into this category as large companies with a primarily domestic mission will still want all of the safety enhancements that EVS and HUD provide with the capability to still fly overseas. 
After many years of ho-hum competition in the mid-size and the super mid–size class buyers now will a variety of choices.  The class distinctions may be blurred, however it isn’t the class label as much as it is the mission they do.  Competition in this segment will continue to bring out the best.  There will be performance, technology, comfort and purchase price distinctions allowing customers to find the plane that best fits their individual mission and culture. 

Increased product offerings make it even more essential to have a good fleet plan and to understand both todays and tomorrows missions.  Hawkeye Aircraft Acquisitions can help you compare the apples and oranges to find the best fit for you.
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